Corporate & Commercial

Dan Hawkwood provides practical legal advice to business clients and offers a wide variety of corporate law services. Dan’s corporate clientele ranges from small, sole proprietorships to large Alberta businesses. Dan’s agricultural background specifically allows him to understand and address the various concerns of farmers and ranchers when handling their business affairs.

Corporate services offered include:

  • Buying or selling a business;
  • Buying or selling corporate or business assets;
  • Contract drafting, including employment, confidentiality and unique agreements;
  • Unanimous Shareholder Agreements, Partnership and Joint Venture agreements;
  • Corporate financing and loans;
  • Commercial Lease drafting and review;
  • Starting a new corporation, or restructuring an existing one;
  • Maintaining corporate minute books, acting as registered office of the corporation and filing annual returns; and
  • Agriculture specific business advice and services.

Dan understands that business matters require prompt service, and he is dedicated to providing corporate law advice in a timely and efficient manner. Dan works closely with his client’s other advisors, including their accountants and managers, to ensure the highest quality of service is delivered and other considerations such as tax and employee matters are dealt with effectively.